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Congressional candidates from New Jersey's 2nd district: Amy Kennedy, left, and Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-Dennis).

Amy Kennedy internal poll has her five points in front of Van Drew in NJ-2

By David Wildstein, September 23 2020 1:53 pm

In the closely-watched NJ-2 congressional race, an internal poll has Democrat Amy Kennedy leading Rep. Jeff Van Drew by five points, 49%-44%.

The poll, reviewed by the New Jersey Globe, was conducted by ALG research on behalf of the Kennedy campaign between September 14-17.  The poll sampled 505 likely general election voters and has a margin of error of +/- 4.4%.

The House Majority PAC, which is allied with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, released a poll on Tuesday that shows Amy Kennedy with a 48%-43% lead against Van Drew, and Joe Biden running four points ahead of Donald Trump, 50%-46%, in NJ-2.

“The only polls that really matter are on election day, but what these numbers show is the same thing we have been hearing from people across the district– they feel betrayed and abandoned by Jeff Van Drew and they want change,” said Josh Roesch, Kennedy’s campaign manager.  “They want a representative who will fight for working families and small businesses and who won’t ever pledge their undying support to anyone other than the people of South Jersey.”

In August, a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee poll showed Kennedy with a lead over Van Drew, a freshman congressman who switched parties late last year.

A poll from the House Majority PAC, also released in August, had Kennedy and Van Drew tied at 43%.  With leaners, Kennedy led Van Drew, 46%-45%.  The Democratic-aligned PAC poll shows Trump and Biden tied at 44%; with leaners, the two presidential candidates were tied at 46%.

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