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New Jersey has more than 1 million more Democrats than Republicans. Photo courtesy of Ohio State University.

In December GOP added four times as many voters as Democrats in N.J.

By David Wildstein, December 01 2021 2:33 pm

New Jersey added 7,634 new voters in November, with Republicans outpacing Democrats by a 4-1 margin in the weeks following the 2021 general election.

Republicans increased their ranks by 1,762 and Democrats by 404.   Most of the other new voters are unaffiliated, although Libertarians increased the numbers by 152 last month.

New Jersey now has 1,068,934 more Democrats than Republicans, and 169,801 more Democrats than unaffiliated voters.

The electorate in the Garden State is now 39.1% Democratic, 22.9% Republican and 36.7% unaffiliated.

In the general election, Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy received 51% of the total vote, while Republican Jack Ciattarelli won 48%.   Democrats won 60% of the State Senate seats and 57.5% of seats in the New Jersey General Assembly.

Over the last twelve months, New Jersey added 58,075 more Republicans and 47,571 more Democrats, with the total number of unaffiliated voters decreased by 206.

In the year following Donald Trump’s 2016 election, Democrats added 43,957 new voters in New Jersey, while the GOP gained 27,718.

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