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New Jersey now has 947,024 more Democrats than Republicans

Dem voter registration outpaces GOP by 3-1 margin

By David Wildstein, April 03 2019 4:27 pm

New Jersey is on track to have one million more Democrats than Republicans within the next year, with Democratic voter registration outpacing the GOP by a more than 3-1 margin so far in 2019.

Democrats now outnumber Republicans by 947,024, according to the state Division of Elections.

Since the start of this year, the state has added 19,020 more Democrats and 6,235 more Republicans.

At the same time, the number of unaffiliated voters – sometimes known as independents – has dropped by 10,237.   New Jersey is on pace to have more Democrats than unaffiliateds for the first time in state history.  The gap now stands at just 147,216.

Since Donald Trump was elected president, Democratic voter registration in New Jersey has increased by 166,535.  The number of new Republicans is less than half that: 82,060.

In 2001, the last time Republicans had a governor and majorities in both houses of the Legislature, 55% of New Jersey voters were not affiliated with either political party.  In eighteen years, that number has dropped to 39.9%.

Democrats made up 25.3% of the voters in 2001, while 19.5% were registered as Republicans. Now Democrats are at 37.5% and Republicans at 21.6%.   In raw numbers — and understanding that we’re not talking about the same voters – as unaffiliateds have lost 15% of their market share since 2001, more 80% of those voters are now registered as Democrats.

True independent voter registration has also increased since 2016.

Voters who have registered as members of the Conservative Party has more than tripled, from 3,509 to 11,292.  Members of U.S. Constitution Party, which claims to be the “philosophical home” of the Tea Party, has seen its New Jersey registration jump from 2,627 to 11,697.

Libertarian registration has more than doubled, from 5,405 to 12,939.

Registration in the Green Party has also more than doubled, from 3,068 to 8,538.  Socialist registration has jumped from 1,288 to 5,178.

New Jerseyans use a different issue matrix to decide who they want as a U.S. Senator and who they want as governor.

Despite the blueness of New Jersey, Republicans have held the governor’s office for 24 of the last 38 years.  Democrats have not re-elected a governor since 1977 and Republicans have done so three times since then.

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