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N.J. added 13k new voters in May

Dems hold advantage in 10 of 12 congressional districts, but not in Malinowski’s district

By Joey Fox, June 01 2022 11:01 am

New Jersey added 12,695 voters to its registration rolls in May, with the statewide total increasing from 6,432,702 to 6,445,397. As has been the case for many months in a row, the vast majority of that growth came from unaffiliated voters.

There are now 2,365,489 unaffiliated voters in the state, up 10,341 from last month’s total of 2,355,148. The number of Republicans rose by 1,837, to 1,490,261; slightly reversing a recent backslide, Democrats added 455 new voters and are now at 2,508,456.

That means that the state is 38.9% Democratic, 23.1% Republican, and 36.7% unaffiliated. If current trends continue – and there’s no guarantee they will – Democrats may at some point fall behind unaffiliated voters, and lose their 1 million voter advantage over Republicans.

(In March, the state’s voter rolls underwent a significant standardization and recalibration, causing the statewide total to artificially drop by 180,000 and making it impossible to directly compare current voting statistics with those prior to the system change.)

Breaking the May totals down by congressional district, Democrats lead Republicans in ten of the state’s 12 newly drawn congressional districts, including huge advantages in the potentially competitive 3rd, 5th, and 11th districts. Republicans only beat Democrats in the 4th and 7th districts, the latter of which is held by Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-Ringoes), who is considered an underdog for re-election this year.

The Democratic advantage in the swingy 2nd district, however, may be short-lived. The district has 179,300 registered Democrats and 179,011 registered Republicans, and if Democratic losses in South Jersey continue, that 289-voter lead will likely disappear very soon.

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