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(Image: Ohio State University).

N.J. Democrats continued voter registration backslide in February

Unaffiliated voters once again account for nearly all voter roll growth

By Joey Fox, March 01 2022 1:26 pm

The number of registered New Jersey Democrats declined once again in February, falling from 2,575,648 to 2,572,154, a decrease of 3,494.

That backslide came in spite of an overall increase in the number of registered voters, from 6,599,226 to 6,603,125. The vast majority of that growth was propelled by unaffiliated voters, who increased from 2,429,637 to 2,436,315.

Republicans, meanwhile, grew slightly from 1,512,067 voters to 1,512,796. Overall, the electorate is 39.0% Democratic, 36.9% unaffiliated, and 22.9% Republican.

Among New Jersey’s smaller parties, the Libertarian Party has the most registered voters at 22,267, though even that total represents only 0.3% of the electorate.

The Conservative and Constitution Parties have 15,991 and 15,781 voters, respectively, while the Green Party – the best-performing third party in last year’s gubernatorial election – has 11,745. The Socialist Party has 7,822 voters, the Natural Law Party 6,424, and the Reform Party 1,830; neither of the latter two parties has fielded a single gubernatorial candidate this century.

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