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Hudson County Clerk Junior Maldonado. (Photo: Facebook).

Happy Ballot Drawing Day, New Jersey

County Clerks conduct ballot draws today

By David Wildstein, August 13 2018 12:05 am

Send in the thermometers.  Today is ballot drawing day in New Jersey.

County Clerks will draw for ballot positions in all 21 counties to determine whether Democrats or Republicans get the top line, row or column.

After that, ballot positions will be determined for the independent candidates.  That will decide just how lost on the ballot Murray Sabrin, Madelyn Hoffman or Tricia Flanagan, among others, are.

What to watch for: county clerks are typically reliable in randomly drawing the ballot position their party expects, but sometimes they mess up.  In some of the urban counties, a bad draw could be costly for their candidate.  For example, if Hudson County Clerk Junior Maldonado were to put Bob Hugin on Line A, that would be bad for Bob Menendez – and ultimately, bad for Maldonado.

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