NJ’s history of winning the second time around

Jack Ciattarelli, who told the Associated Press that he expects to run for governor again in 2021, is following a familiar model of making back-to-back bids for statewide office.  Ciattarelli sough the Republican nomination for governor in 2017. Tom Kean, Jim Florio, Christine Todd Whitman and Jim McGreevey all lost statewide races before finally winning a gubernatorial election. Kean lost the 1977 GOP primary and kept his eye on the

The Life and Times of Paul DiGaetano

There was a time back about a generation ago when Paul DiGaetano was a bright, rising star in New Jersey Republican politics.  He he was one of the most powerful politicians in the state.  Some Republicans openly fawned over the idea of a young, blue-collar, Catholic, Italian-American Republican running for statewide office.  He was likeable, popular, and incredibly ambitious. Jump ahead thirty years, and sadly for him, the only thing

Monmouth will wait for Hugin

Monmouth County Republicans won't vote to endorse a U.S. Senate candidate at the convention on Saturday -- postponing their vote to accommodate the announcement schedule of pharmaceutical millionaire Bob Hugin. Hugin has not yet announced his candidacy, but party leaders who have spoken to him understand that he is running.  Party organizations have done this before, when the timeline of a potential top-of-the-ticket candidate and the local organization conflict.   There

Hugin should learn Forrester story

Before Bob Hugin enters the race for United States Senator, he ought to call Doug Forrester. Sixteen years ago, Forrester was a self-funder whose $10 million investment -- $14 million in today’s dollars – was supposed to send him to the U.S. Senate against a Democratic incumbent weakened by ethical woes.   A Star-Ledger/Eagleton Rutgers poll released the last weekend of September had Forrester ahead by 13 points. Bob Torricelli, “severely

Diane Allen’s last day in Trenton

Diane Allen will spend her last full day in the Senate today, capping a successful 22-year career as one of the most popular legislators in Burlington County history. Diane Allen as a reporter for Jerseyvision, later NJN News, in 1973. She’s also one of New Jersey’s most eclectic politicians.  A former Miss Burlington County, she was also a daredevil hang-glider, judo expert, national swimming champion, and