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U.S. Senator Cory Booker campaigns at the Reedy Fork Baptist Church in Simpsonville, South Carolina on Friday, March 1, 2019. (FACEBOOK PHOTO)

“Politics, be damned.” Cory Booker Reiterates Call for Impeachment Proceedings

By NJG Press Releases, August 01 2019 12:08 am

Newark, NJ —
  Tonight on the debate stage, Cory Booker reiterated his belief that the House of Representatives should begin impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump.

Cory believes he has a constitutional duty to ensure that justice is served and that no one is above the law, including the President of the United States. To him, initiating impeachment proceedings isn’t about politics, but about protecting the rule of law.

Cory first called for impeachment proceedings to begin in May, after Special Counsel Robert Mueller spoke publicly about the findings from his investigation.

At the time, Cory said the following:

“I have been asking for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony, and today he made his views clear. Mueller said directly that it wasn’t for lack of evidence that criminal charges weren’t brought against President Trump — but because of Department of Justice policy. He made clear that it is the role of Congress to evaluate evidence against a sitting President and act accordingly.

“Since the Mueller report became public, the president has consistently stonewalled Congressional oversight efforts and has made it nearly impossible to investigate serious open questions presented by the report. The president’s clear marching orders to Attorney General Barr and former White House Counsel Don McGahn demanding that they refuse congressional subpoenas is simply the latest example of the lengths to which this president is willing to go in order to prevent the American people from learning the truth.

“We have one remaining path to ensure justice is served. It is our legal and moral obligation to hold those who have committed crimes accountable. It’s clear that the House must begin impeachment proceedings. No one is above the law.”

Through impeachment proceedings, Congress will be put in a stronger position to collect the information needed to get to the bottom of the president’s conduct.

Cory advocated for congressional oversight through standard channels until it became clear to him that the president’s refusal to comply with subpoenas would potentially deny the American people access to truth and justice.

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