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U.S. Senator Cory Booker. Photo by Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe

Cory Booker on Voter Suppression: Republicans to Russians Targeted African Americans

By NJG Press Releases, August 01 2019 12:06 am

Newark, NJ —
 Tonight on the debate stage, Cory Booker highlighted how the pathway to beating Donald Trump includes motivating and energizing Democratic voters who stayed home because of lack of motivation, Republican suppression, or Russian interference efforts in 2020 — especially African American voters, and African American women.

Cory believes Democrats lost the 2016 election because everyone from Republican to Russians were targeting the suppression of African American voters. That’s why Cory will fight against voter suppression and will engage the kind of voters and coalitions are going to win states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Central to that strategy is black women, the highest performing voter group in our coalition.

Cory Booker is uniquely positioned based on his background and strengths as a candidate to connect with these voters and energize them back into the Democratic fold.

  • Booker’s strengths will reclaim historic Democratic strongholds like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, but they will also help to expand the map for Democrats nationally.
  • Booker’s candidacy has the potential to turn historically red states such as North Carolina and Arizona blue and ensure that Florida and even the red state of Georgia is a battleground.
  • The changing demographics of these states lend themselves to a candidate who can energize young and minority populations and bring them back into the Democratic coalition.
    • Cory has proven he can energize African-American voters. In 2013, turnout among African-American voters in New Jersey was nearly 4 percentage points higher in Cory’s special Senate election than it was in the regular general election held just a few weeks later.
    • Throughout the 2018 election cycle, Cory Booker was in demand by candidates from all over the electoral map looking to drive up Democratic turnout and win — from Ohio to Arizona to Alabama and beyond.


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