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Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

“My Goodness.” “Leader.” “Holy S***.” “This is His Night.” “Sounded like a president.” What They’re Saying About Cory Booker’s Stellar Debate Performance

“Future President” Cory Booker Clear Winner in Debate #2

By NJG Press Releases, August 01 2019 12:11 am

Newark, NJ —
  As the second Democratic debate concludes, people are noticing that by focusing on the real threats posed by Republicans and Donald Trump, Cory Booker showed Democrats why he is the best candidate to beat Trump and heal our country.

Here’s what people are saying about Cory Booker:

@GoogleTrendsHow have #DemDebate candidate changed in search since it started? 

Cory Booker +2,950%
Michael Bennet +2,800%
Kirsten Gillibrand +2,350%
Jay Inslee +1,950%
Bill de Blasio +1,950%

@jmpalmieri: Think it’s pretty clear @CoryBooker has best night. Made his own case – and did it well.

@MichaelSkolnik: Cory Booker won the debate tonight. Well done sir. #DemDebate 

@jonfavs: Well, that was…something.

Booker had the best debate by far.

@ZerlinaMaxwell: Cory Booker won tonight and was the first to mention voter suppression!

Kamala was solid. Julián is still being underestimated. Biden was better but I’m not sure he’s read his own oppo book bc he still seems a little flat footed when people are bringing up predictable critiques

@cmclymer: Cory Booker looked and sounded like a president tonight. He really delivered.

@ElieNYC: Winners: @CoryBooker. Also @CoryBooker. Plus @CoryBooker had a good night. 

@KamalaHarris for being treated like the front runner. 

@SenGillibrand for Clorox.

@JulianCastro, for again being good but probably not enough to move the needle.

@Jehmu: Another true story: @CoryBooker‘s performance tonight could just make him the second black president.
#BlackWomenLead #DemDebate #DemocraticDebate


@EmTSuss: I guess if the question of this debate is who can stand on a debate stage and not get rattled, Booker has certainly proven he can do that #DemDebate

@asmamk: Booker is the first candidate of the night to explicitly refer to President Trump’s recent comments about Baltimore. Trump, he says is using old racist language to divide Americans.

@LannyDavis: Consistent unifying voice so far tonight is @CoryBooker – reminding all we can debate without personal attacking.

@deray: Booker has finally found his stride tonight. #DemDebate2

@laurenduca: Holy shit, Cory Booker. I already want to watch that again. #DemDebate

@SarahKSilverman: Go Cory Go. This is his night #DemDebate2

@katiecouric: I think @CoryBooker is having a good night. You? #DemDebate

@brosandprose: Cory Booker is REALLY impressing me with the graceful but firm way he pushes back on Biden invoking Obama only when it’s convenient. #DemDebate

@MollyMcKew: A+ for @CoryBooker for pointing out the overlap in Trump campaign, Republican, and Russian data-targeting strategies for admitted voter suppression techniques in 2016.

@TheAdvocateMag: .@CoryBooker shouts out to African-American female voters—a group that overwhelmingly rejected @realDonaldTrump and is the backbone of the @DNC #DemDebate2

@KLemkau@CoryBooker is having another night. He’s the most Presidential by far.

@PGSittenfeld: .@CoryBooker has had a very strong night. He’s been the magnetic candidate many people know him to be.

@jmpalmieri: .@CoryBooker is doing great making his case.  Very strong.

@AishaMoodMills: And there it is! Thank you for bringing this up @CoryBooker! You’re having a great night! #DemDebate 


@grantstern: Cory Booker gets the first foreign policy question and nails it:

1) Won’t do foreign policy by tweet
2) Won’t do artificial timelines
3) Won’t rush & leave a power vacuum in Afghanistan

Tulsi Gabbard: I’ll do it in a year. “End these regime-change wars.” Umm, 9/11?


@Blklivesmatter: @CoryBooker: “We lost Michigan because everyone from Republicans to the Russians were targeting the suppression of African Americans voters.” Yes, #votersuppresion of our vote is real. #DemDebate #DemocraticDebate2020 #BlackLivesMatter #whatmattersin2020

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