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Gov. Phil Murphy visits a COVID-19 vaccination site at the the Iglesia Pentecostal Asamblea de Dios in Trenton on February 24, 2021. (Pool Photo: John Berry/The Trentonian.)

N.J. Communities of Color increase willingness to be vaccinated, poll finds

Project Ready poll says Blacks, Hispanics increasingly interested in vaccinations

By David Wildstein, June 01 2021 9:28 am

Interest in Covid vaccinations for communities of color have increased steadily over the last three months, according to a Project Ready poll released on Tuesday.”

The percentage of Black voters willing to be vaccinated went up from 62% in February to 69% in May, while Hispanic voters has increased from 77% to 83%.

The polls how shows that Black and Hispanic parents – 54% and 59% respectively – are more likely to vaccinate their children than white parents (39%).

“Even as they remain far less likely to already be vaccinated, communities of color are becoming increasingly comfortable with receiving the COVID-19 vaccines, and that’s a credit to the leaders across New Jersey whose outreach is showing early results,” said Shennell McCloud, the executive director of Project Ready, a Newark-based non-profit.  “The two biggest reasons cited by those who haven’t been vaccinated are side effects and trust in government, suggesting that government and public health officials must continue to work directly with people to build trust and deliver vaccines to their neighborhoods from providers they trust.”

More than seven-in-ten (73%) of all New Jersey voters intend to be vaccinated.

The poll was conducted by Change Research using Dynamic Online Sampling technology with a  sample size of 1,215 and a margin of error of +/- 3.9%.

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