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Atlantic City Council President Marty Small

More controversies for Marty Small

Atlantic City Council President tried to hold his one of his ‘Small Balls’ at Boardwalk Hall

By David Wildstein, September 18 2019 3:38 pm

Atlantic City Council President Marty Small has been a magnet for controversy over the years, including two acquittals in trials involving allegations of voter fraud.

The latest hullabaloo comes from discussions Small had with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) about holding a fundraiser at Boardwalk Hall.

Small holds fundraising events, called Small Balls, twice a year and usually picks one of the casinos as a venue.

Instead, Small sought to use the CRDA-owned Boardwalk Hall at a discounted rate.  That promoted an anonymous complaint to the board.

Discussions about that have created some problems for the agency, whose mission is to bolster Atlantic City’s economy using funds from the casino industry.

Sources confirmed that the matter was part of a discussion in a closed-door meeting of the CRDA Personnel and Administration Committee on Wednesday.  Small’s discussion of a discount to use the Boardwalk Hall space is now being reviewed by counsel.

The CRDA chairman is Robert Mulcahy, a major figure in New Jersey politics for the last six decade.  A Democrat, Mulcahy was placed in the post by then-Gov. Chris Christie in 2011 and remains there twenty months into Gov. Phil Murphy’s’ term.

Mulcahy has recently battled with the Murphy administration over several issues, including a decision to terminate a lucrative public relations contract for a Mulcahy ally, former New Jersey Senate Republican Executive Director John Samerjan.

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  1. He needs to find out whatever happen to Miss Mareia Rice of 1000 Arctic Ave ….She has been missing for almost a year… He has never address that issue with the residents of Altman Terrance … but when it becames election time he singing and dancing at 1000 Arctic Ave …Mr Smalls Balls….Fooooooooooood For Thought

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