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Valencia takes lead in Dover Alderman race

Runoff now seems likely

By David Wildstein, June 08 2018 4:03 am

The race for Alderman in Dover Ward 4 is likely headed to a recount after the provisional ballots have shifted the lead to challenger Carlos Valencia.

Valencia, running on the Dover First slate, now leads incumbent Ronald Camacho by six votes.

The machine count had Camacho, an ally of Mayor James Dodd, with a two-vote lead, 118 to 116.

Morris County Democrats backed the group, Dover First, dumping a slate of candidates backed by Dodd and supporting candidates who reflect the diversity of a town with a 69.4% Hispanic population.  Dodd had been criticized for endorsing Gov. Chris Christie in 2013, and for his alliance with State Sen. Tony Bucco and Assemblyman Anthony Bucco.

Two Dodd-backed incumbent Alderman were defeated and one incumbent switched sides and ran on the Dover first ticket.  A win by Valencia would mean a clean sweep for Dover first.

The insurgent county committee candidates, running on the Morris organization line, appear to have won 19 of 24 seats.

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