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Former U.S. Senator Bob Torricelli at the Hunterdon County Democratic convention in 2018.

Torricelli slams DOJ for re-trying Menendez

By David Wildstein, January 28 2018 7:09 pm

Former U.S. Senator Bob Torricelli says he told Gov. Phil Murphy that he doesn’t want to return to public life, but he will consider it if Democrats need him.

“I think it’s regrettable that the federal government decided to re-try Bob Menendez,” Torricelli told New York radio host John Catsimatidis today.

He said that while the jury was deadlocked after seven-week trial, it was still heavily in favor of Menendez.

Torricelli says he that Menendez can “somehow survive this.”

“There’s a personal affection for Bob, there’s the hope that he survives personally,” Torricelli said.

But Torricelli, who dropped his own re-election campaign under the cloud of an ethics reprimand, says he’s concerned that Menendez’s woes could cost Democrats the seat.

“The important thing is that the seat also be defended,” he said.  “I feel very strongly that the seat be defended.”

Torricelli says he wants a strong top of the ticket to help Democratic House challengers in New Jersey.

“If regrettably the worst happens with Bob Menendez – no one wants to have to plan on this and we all hope for the best – but if it happens, we need to be prepared to defend that seat,” said Torricelli.

Menendez took aim at Torricelli, who has been identified as a potential candidate if there is an open seat.

“To those who were digging my political grave so they could jump into my seat, I know who you are and I won’t forget you,” Menendez said after the trial.

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