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Thompson says Kean should run for Governor

First endorsement of 2021 campaign

By Nikita Biryukov, May 01 2018 7:42 pm

A gubernatorial dynasty could be in New Jersey’s future.

State Sen. Samuel Thompson (R-Old Bridge) said he’d like to see State Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr., (R- Westfield),son of former New Jersey Gov. Thomas Kean to make a run against Gov. Phil Murphy in 2021.

“No question. That’s Tom Kean,” Thompson said Tuesday.

The younger Kean has served in the legislature since 2001, when he was appointed to fill Alan Augustine’s General Assembly seat. He was reelected the same year and appointed to the state Senate in 2003. He’s held that seat ever since.

In addition to his father’s legacy, Kean also has experience running for statewide office that might help him should he choose to challenge Murphy in 2021. In 2006, he ran against U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, who former Gov. Jon Corzine appointed to the seat earlier that year, losing by nine points.

“Tom has the experience. He has the reputation. He starts out with a little advantage just with his name. He’ll be able to raise funds as needed, and over the next several years, he will be the leader of the Republican side and combatting Murphy and the wild things they want to do,” Thompson said. “And, I think he’ll show that he deserves to be governor.”

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