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Cumberland County Freeholder Jack Surrency

Surrency claims he was censured as political retaliation

By Nikita Biryukov, June 23 2020 11:20 am

Cumberland County Freeholder Jack Surrency bristled at a censure handed to him by his fellows on the freeholder board, claiming the county-backed candidates were responding with an attack because they feared him and his slate of off-the-line challengers.

“Last time I checked, attacks don’t solve a public health emergency, create jobs, expand recreation opportunities or increase access to healthcare,” he said. “Attacks are the byproduct of a campaign incapable of communicating a message that defines what it believes and who it fights for.”

Surrency was censured last week after he attacked the board for appropriating $386,000 for sanitization of the county’s jail over past months.

The freeholder, whom Cumberland County Democrats dropped from the party line earlier this year, voted to approve the cleaning-related expenses.

“This entire campaign has been built upon the fight for truth, accountability, and the hardworking people of Cumberland County,” Surrency said.

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