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Cumberland County Freeholder Jack Surrency

Surrency pushes prison virus protections

By Nikita Biryukov, May 19 2020 10:22 am

Cumberland County Freeholder Jack Surrency urged the county’s residents to call other members of the board and urge they enact protections for the county’s prison population.

“We can put these measures into place right now and test, treat, and track the virus in our jails,” said Surrency. “We cannot look away and we can no longer sacrifice the health and safety of our corrections officers, staff and inmates.”

Surrency, who is running for re-election off the line after being dropped by Cumberland County Democrats, called for hazard pay for corrections officials, regular testing for inmates and staff and more information about the personal protective equipment used in prisons.

“We need the public to be engaged in this conversation,” said Freeholder Jack Surrency (D-Bridgeton). “I’m asking, no, I’m pleading that the public contact their county freeholders and urge them to support these resolutions to protect our corrections officers, staff and inmates during this pandemic.”

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