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State pays $265k to pave Christie’s street

Seems there’s still juice left in the orange

By David Wildstein, March 02 2018 3:27 pm

Among the final acts of a departing administration: $265,000 to pave the street in front of Chris Christie’s house.

Mendham Township applied for a grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation to pave Corey Lane between Hardscrabble Road and Temple Wick Road, where Christie has lived since 1998.

The request for funding the Corey Lane project came from the Township of Mendham. Local officials there could not be reached.

While Gov. Phil Murphy announced the awards for last week, state government sources say that the applications were submitted and vetted before Christie left office in January.  Typically lists of grants to municipalities were reviewed by the Governor’s office as part of the approval process.

It is the only project in the township that was part of the most recent municipal aid grant awards for local road and bridge safety.  Morris County received a total of 38 grants, worth $9,786,452.

Last year, Christie proposed spending $400 million to address “bridge deficiencies and state of good repair for roads in all 21 counties.”

532 of the state’s 565 municipalities submitted grant applications, with 505 receiving an award.  Each county receives an apportioned share of the funding based on population and the number of local centerline miles.

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