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Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise

DeGise smacks Stack for backing Christie

Mailer attacks 2013 endorsement

By David Wildstein, April 17 2018 11:11 am

County Executive Tom DeGise has sent a letter to members of the Hudson County Democratic Committee slamming Union City Mayor/State Sen. Brian Stack for endorsing Republican Gov. Chris Christie in 2013.  DeGise says Democrats need to consider that before supporting Stack for Hudson County Democratic Chairman.

The mailer, “Should the Next Hudson County Democratic Chairman Be Chris Christie’s Best Friend In The State Legislature?” was mailed to the full county committee yesterday.

DeGise is also criticizing Stack for supporting “many of Christie’s most destructive policies.”

“Stack remained supportive of Christie even after the former governor broke his word and failed to fund the state pension system,” DeGise wrote.

DeGise citied Stack’s opposition to his own re-election and a short-lived attempt to take out Rep. Albio Sires as a reason to deny him the county chairman post.  He says Democrats should focus on getting U.S. Senator Bob Menendez re-elected before they worry about 2019.

“He’s not even the chairman yet, but he is already throwing our party into a chaotic situation,” DeGise told party leaders.

DeGise says its too soon to endorse Stack, at least “until we see if another candidate emerges.”

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