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State Sen. Brian Stack (D-Union City). Photo by Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

Stack rails against machine threats

Reminds Hudson Dems that ballot is secret

By David Wildstein, May 21 2018 9:00 am

Union City Mayor Brian Stack says that Hudson County Democratic leaders are trying to intimidate county employees who have a vote in next month’s county chairman election, and says that the privacy of the voting booth will allow them to vote for the candidate of their choice.

“This should never happen — it is outrageous and an act of desperation,” Stack wrote in a new mailing to county committee members. “All of this intimidation will end once we take the first step in eliminating those who do nothing to build our party, or even worse, do not use the government to help the people.”

Stack says voting will occur by secret ballot.

“No one will know how you voted except for you,” Stack wrote.

Stack promised to have a dedicated cell phone for county committee members and says he’ll help them organize their districts and  give them a say in party matters.

“During the next month, the political bosses will criticize me, I’m fine with that. But ask yourself — when was the last time you heard from those same bosses who are attacking me? These so called leaders do not want you to have a Chairman who will fight for you and the people of Hudson County,” Stack wrote.  “I simply ask that you cast your secret vote on your own conscience. Give me the opportunity to work with you. I give you my commitment to work hard and build a relationship with each Committee Member, whether you support me or not.”

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