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Union City Mayor Brian Stack

Stack punches back at DeGise

‘The more he attacks me, the harder I work”

By David Wildstein, April 09 2018 12:45 pm

Brian Stack thinks that Tom DeGise is a crappy county executive and he doesn’t mind saying it.

The Union City mayor/State Senator told the New Jersey Globe this morning that comments Tom DeGise made about him reinforces his belief that Hudson County needs a change next year.

“Tom hasn’t done any work in years,” Stack said. If I knew not supporting him would have put him to work, I would have not supported him years ago.”

He said that DeGise has lost touch with the people of Hudson County, saying that “good government is the best politics.”

“He knows nothing about people.  They don’t know him,” said Stack.  “Tom has forgotten it’s about serving the people.”

Stack also took aim at a political rival, North Bergen Mayor/State Sen. Nicholas Sacco.  Sacco is supporting DeGise for re-election.

“He serves one mayor.  He’s supposed to be serving the people. He’s Sacco 100%,” he said.

The mayor also pushed back on DeGise’s sudden criticism of Stack’s record.

“He liked me when we gave him big margins out of Union City,” Stack noted.

And Stack also took issue with DeGise’s comments about his practice of giving away turkey’s to Union City residents for Thanksgiving.

“He took a shot at turkeys.  People need food,” said Stack, who is known across the state for his hands-on constituent service operation.  “It’s about doing this all year round.”

Stack says that DeGise has lost touch with the reason people are supposed to run for office.

“If he thinks he has an inherent right to be County Executive, he’s mistaken,” Stack explained.  “When’s the last time Tom DeGise went to a community meeting?

Stack charged the DeGise was “more hands off than anyone” and pushed back on the county executive’s allegation that he sought access to county public works equipment for Union City.

“They plow Kennedy Boulevard.  That’s his job,” Stack said.

Stack said that DeGise sought his endorsement for re-election nineteen months ago.

I could have used him, taken his support, then dumped him,” said Stack. “That’s not how I work.”

“The more he attacks me, the harder I work,” promised Stack.

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4 thoughts on “Stack punches back at DeGise

  1. Funny how Stack attempts to portray himself as a tough guy. Outside of politics Stack could not fight his way out of a paper bag. I remember when he first became mayor and he tried to bully a building super on 7th St. The guy hit him with one punch and knock him out cold. If it wasn’t for UCPD pulling the guy off who knows what would have happened. Now Stack just sticks to the bullying.

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