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U.S. Senators Bob Menendez, left, and Cory Booker

Soliman: Hugin using ‘blood money’ to buy U.S. Senate seat

Moral outrage led Hugin to self-fund, campaign says

By David Wildstein, July 11 2018 11:56 am

Former pharmaceutical company executive Bob Hugin has raised $16.2 million for his U.S. Senate campaign – most of it self-financed – and now Bob Menendez is alleging that his Republican opponent is trying to buy the election.

“Greedy drug company CEO Bob Hugin’s fundraising is simply taking cash out of the ATM,” said Michael Soliman, the Menendez campaign chairman.  “Clearly there is no real support for a candidate who has gotten wealthy by ripping off cancer patients.”

Soliman says that Hugin’s campaign “is 96% paid for with blood money he pocketed from ripping off cancer patients.”

“Every time you see another Hugin ad, ask yourself how many cancer patients went hungry, lost their homes, or worse because they couldn’t afford the lifesaving drug greedy CEO Bob Hugin ransomed to make his fortune.”

The Hugin campaign pushed back on Soliman’s statement.

“Bob and Kathy Hugin decided to invest their personal resources in this campaign because they are morally offended by Senator Menendez’s corrupt personal behavior and abject failure to deliver for New Jersey as our Senator,” said Megan Piwowar, the campaign communications director.  “Bob Menenedez abused his office to do the bidding of a convicted felon who stole from Medicare and blinded patients, was indicted for bribery by the Obama Justice Department, and found guilty of violating federal law by the bipartisan Senate Ethics Committee for taking $1 million in illegal gifts that he now refuses to repay.”

Piwowar said that if Menendez didn’t want to see his record rehashed during the campaign, he should have resigned.

“Senator Menendez wanted a free ride to re-election, and he’s not getting one, so now he is lashing out,” said Piwowar.  “He’s an embarrassment and New Jersey deserves so much better.”

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