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Dr. Murray Sabrin

Sabrin names campaign manager

By David Wildstein, February 22 2018 11:33 am

A Bergen County chiropractor will manage Murray Sabrin’s campaign for the United States Senate.

Sabrin named Michael Guadagnino, the vice chairman of the New Jersey Libertarian Party, to oversee his statewide campaign.  Sabrin is seeking the Libertarian Party nomination for the Senate.

“Dr. Sabrin will excite voters across the political spectrum with his fresh approach to the many issues that New Jerseyans care about,” Guadagnino said. “When I heard Dr. Sabrin outline his ‘out of the box’ campaign strategy and his policy initiatives to the NJLP board recently, I knew I had to play a role in his campaign to end the polarized toxic atmosphere that both major political parties have created.”

Sabrin said that Anthony Devaney, a recent graduate of Ramapo College where Sabrin is a finance professor, will join his campaign staff as deputy campaign manager.

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