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Photo of Republican congressional candidate Brian Fitzherbert

New guy joins race for LoBiondo seat

By David Wildstein, January 24 2018 8:05 pm

The latest entrant into the contest for Frank LoBiondo’s 2nd district House seat is Republican Brian Fitzherbert, a senior project manager for Textron Systems a defense contractor.
In what some could interpret as a swipe at the popular twelve-term GOP incumbent he wants to succeed, Fitzherbert’s campaign website calls for change.

“South Jersey needs new leadership to address the growing and dynamic challenges. It’s time a fresh candidate with new ideas tackles the issues facing the 2nd District; not the politicians of yesterday,” the Somers Point resident said.

Republicans have struggled to find a top-tier candidate in a race for a seat they’ve held for 24 years.  Retired FBI agent Bob Turksavage is already in the race, and software engineer Hirsh Singh, who ran for governor last year, is reportedly trying to choose between the House and Senate.

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