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Governor Murphy’s Grade Today

By David Wildstein

Today is Phil Murphy’s 9th day in office.  He kept a campaign promise to support dreamers and with his Attorney General announced that New Jersey would join 16 other states in a lawsuit to oppose the Trump Administration’s DACA policy – something that keeps Murphy’s base happy.   The governor has received no criticism from Republicans legislators on anything he’s done, but it’s assumed that the honeymoon won’t last forever.  Murphy’s new EDA pick will leave some New Jersey Democrats unhappy, but no one publicly criticized him for that either.  I still don’t understand why the Governor’s Washington office can’t take Chris Christie off their answering machine, but if Murphy doesn’t care, why should I?

(PoliticsDW will give Murphy a grade every day — either a check, a check plus, a check minus, or an incomplete.  He’ll get a letter grade every week.  Last week, Murphy got an A.)

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