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Mountainside Borough Administrator James Debbie

Mountainside administrator supports suspended cop

Facebook post indicates support for Dildogate ringleader

By David Wildstein, May 22 2018 12:21 am

The Mountainside borough administrator is showing some support for the owner of “Big Blue” – the suspended police officer who is accused of harassing five of his fellow police officers and a civilian with a blue dildo he keeps in his desk drawer.

On Monday, James Debbie, a former police chief who now runs the borough, used his personal Facebook page to “like” a post by the wife of Andrew Huber called “#HUBERSTRONG.”

Chief of Police Allan Attanasio, Lt. Thomas Murphy and Huber are all under suspension as the Union County Prosecutor reviews the matter.  Lt. Joseph Giannuzzi, who has been put in charge of the 23-person police department, reports to Debbie.

Complicating the issue: Debbie’s son is the chief of the Union County Police Department – something that might cause the state Attorney General to take on the investigation directly, according to one source.

Mountainside is a small (pop. 6,685) Republican town in western Union County where Democrats have not won a local race for at least fifty years.  Two incumbents who are up for re-election this year, Robert Messler and Wendy Fech-Caccamo, declined to answer questions about the issue when reach on their cell phones.

Fech-Caccamo initially declined to get on the phone; she changed her mind after being told that a man who answered her cell phone did not put the call on mute when telling her that the New Jersey Globe was calling, revealing her instructions to say she was not there.

“I’ve been told to have you call the mayor,” Fech-Caccamo told the New Jersey Globe.  The councilwoman said she did not know how to reach the mayor and said she did know his phone number.

Mayor Paul Mirabelli, who was mentioned prominently in a lawsuit filed by several police officers, did not return a 10:50 AM e-mail seeking comment.

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One thought on “Mountainside administrator supports suspended cop

  1. Perverts at its best. I lived in Mountainside for 24 years, never thought in my life I would hear so much disrespectful talking when it came from authorities. Sex talk are their main language, sometimes I felt uncomfortable to be around some of these mountains cops. But when I needed help I was shamed by one of their “ politic playing cop”. There’s good and respectful cops, but Murphy is not one of them. Shame on Huber, since he works around our children throughout our public school system. Shame on anyone supporting these perverts!

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