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Union City Mayor/State Sen. Brian Stack. (Photo: Brian P. Stack).

Judge rules Hudson Dems must let certified county committee vote

By David Wildstein, June 12 2018 3:38 pm

Judge Peter F. Bariso, Jr. ruled today that all members of the Hudson County Democratic Committee who have been certified by municipal clerks must be permitted to vote in the election for county chair tonight.

That means 30 or so county committee members from Jersey City, who had been appointed to fill recently-vacated seats — presumably to pave the way for more votes on behalf of Brian Stack — to cast their votes in the race to succeed Vincent Prieto.

But Bariso also dismissed other issues brought forward by Stack’s attorney, Angelo Genova, that sought to clarify or negotiate certain rules pertaining to the vote.

Meanwhile, Democrats working for Stack’s opponent, Amy DeGise, are accusing Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop of intimidating voters by telling them that the vote is not secret and that he will know who people vote for.  Voting machines are being used, which will assure the privacy of all county committee members.

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