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Assemblyman Joe Howarth (R-Evesham)

Joe Howarth will seek re-election

By David Wildstein, February 08 2019 7:05 pm

Assemblyman Joe Howarth (R-Evesham) says he will seek re-election to his 8th district seat despite losing the backing of the Burlington and Camden GOP organizations.

”I have no intention of not running,” Howarth told the New Jersey Globe on Friday evening.  “I’ll take my message to the people.”

Howarth said the move to drop him from the Republican ticket was expected, saying he was asked to walk away last week.

”Sean (Earlen) and Ryan Peters have meet trying to move me out,” the two-term legislator said.

Howarth said that he has made many friends  as a local official in Evesham and as a feeeholder.


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