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Independent parties double registration since Trump election

Libertarians are New Jersey’s largest independent party

By David Wildstein, July 09 2018 3:14 pm

Membership in independent political parties has more than doubled in New Jersey since the 2016 general election, from 17,364 to 40,246.

The Libertarian Party now has 9,936 registered voters, up from 5,405 at the time of the last presidential election.  That represents almost one out of every four New Jerseyans who decided to sign up for an independent political party.

The Conservative Party has also seen their membership more than double, from 3,509 to 8,205 over the last eighteen months.  The U.S. Constitution Party has grown from 2,628 to 7,968.

Registration for the Green Party has also doubled, from 3,068 in 2016 to 6,465 now.

New Jersey’s three other independent parties also increased their membership: Reform (from 371 to 971); Natural Law (from 1,096 to 3,160); and the Socialist Party (from 1,288 to 3,541).

Only two of the independent parties have fielded candidates for the United States Senate this fall: Murray Sabrin for the Libertarians and Madelyn Hoffman for the Greens.  Another Senate candidate, Tricia Flanagan, is running as an unabashed conservative who supports Donald Trump, but has not been endorsed by the New Jersey Conservative Party.

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2 thoughts on “Independent parties double registration since Trump election

  1. The surge started in early 2016 due to a change in the registration/change of affiliation forms. You could just as accurately headlined your article with “Independent parties rate of growth slows since Trump’s election.”

    I, being a registered voter at the address listed below, do hereby declare that I do not want to be affiliated with any political party or group

    The Constitution Party has a Candidate for Congress named Lawrence Berlinski. Please update immediately, ty.

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