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Harding mayor mulls House bid

By David Wildstein, February 02 2018 12:13 am

Next up in the race for Rodney Frelinghuysen’s seat is a Republican who can’t be tagged with any association with Chris Christie: Nicolas Platt, a former Mayor of Harding and a current member of the Township Committee.  Sources say that Platt is seeking support of the GOP nomination.

Platt, contributed to Jon Corzine’s 2005 campaign for governor, and to independent Christopher Daggett in 2009.  He did not contribute to Christie’s campaigns for freeholder, governor or president.

Last year, Platt ran for Morris County Freeholder.  He raised $205,560 but finished third in the GOP primary — 1,018 votes behind winner Heather Darling.

Platt, 63, could be the natural heir apparent for the Morris County congressional seat that was held by a Frelinghuysen for 46 of the last 66 years.  He is a descendant of Marcellus Hartley, a merchant who was sent by the Lincoln administration to Europe to procure guns for the Union Army.  He is part of the Dodge and Rockefeller families, and his ancestors owned the Remington Arms Company and a majority stake in the New York Times.

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