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Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Trenton)

Gusciora says Trenton didn’t apply for transportation aid

By David Wildstein, February 19 2018 3:02 pm

Trenton won’t get a state funds to address local transportation issues because they never asked for the money, according to Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, a candidate for Mayor of Trenton.

Gusciora said that Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration told him this morning that transportation grant decisions were forthcoming, with monies going to everywhere but Trenton – because Mayor Eric Jackson never submitted a grant application.

“You just has to drive down a main street in the city and hit a pothole or go over a bridge in disrepair to realize that Trenton cannot afford to miss the mark on applying for grant funding related to infrastructure improvements, Gusciora said.  “If the City of Trenton is eligible for this funding source, then this is disturbing news, and indicative of a substantial failure in the current City administration, and, of course, the administration of former Governor Chris Christie, which solicited applications for the grants last year.”

If elected mayor, Gusciora says he will develop an “active working partnerships with the Governor’s Office, and other partners across the State to ensure that Trenton does not allow critical financial support to be overlooked or fall through the cracks.”

“I know that, with a new, collaborative administration in the Governor’s Office, I can be a proactive, focused partner in City Hall, fostering the active communication about ideas and available aid that will benefit all Trentonians,” said Gusciora.

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