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Englewood judge admits to numerous violations

ACJC charged judge with 7 violations in a single assault case

By Nikita Biryukov, January 10 2020 11:36 am

An Englewood Municipal Judge admitted committing numerous violations during a February assault case.

Judge Aishaah Rasul faced charges on seven counts levelled by the state Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct, including claims that she put a defendant on “in-house probation” and advised her to pay damages to the plaintiff in cash in violation of long-standing court procedure.

When told by the court administrator that there was no such thing as “in-house probation,” Rasul told the administrator to “get of [her] fucking back.”

Among other things, Rasul admitted to failing to give one of the defendants an opportunity to give a closing statement, failing to advise the defendant of her right against self-incrimination and not filing court documents to prevent the case from impacting a defendant’s standing in drug court, among a bevy of other charges.

“if I was in drug court, I would have stayed my ass in the car,” Rasul admitted telling one of the defendants.

In her response, Rasul said she committed the violations because, at the time, she had been on the bench for two months and lacked the proper training.

The ACJC will hold a yet-unscheduled hearing on the matter in the coming months.

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