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Alfred Doblin (FACEBOOK PHOTO)

Doblin in line for job with Senate Democrats

By David Wildstein, February 26 2018 12:24 pm

Alfred P. Doblin, the editorial page editor for The Record and northjersey.com, has emerged as a top candidate for a senior position on the staff of Senate President Steve Sweeney, according to a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Doblin said he had “no comment” on the Sweeney speculation.

“I don’t see this as a news story,” said Doblin.  “It’s none of your business.  I’m not a public official.  I am the editorial page editor of The Record.  I’m a private person.”

There has been speculation for the last few months that Doblin has sought government and political positions.  While Doblin refused to deny his negotiations on a job with the Senate Democratic staff, he did say that he was not dealing directly with elected officials.

“I have not actively applied for a job in any public office,” Doblin said.  “I have not approached a public official about a job.”

But Doblin declined any comment on whether he had approached a non-governmental official for help in obtaining a government job.

He did defend his right to entertain offers.

“I am the editorial page editor.  If someone makes me an offer, I have the right to consider it,” Doblin explained.

Doblin called a request for information regarding his employment search “truly horrific.”

“This is unfair.  Truly unfair,” he said.

The Record and other media organizations regularly cover speculation of private sector individuals under consideration for taxpayer-funded positions as news stories.

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