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Mountainside Borough Administrator James Debbie

Dildogate police chief removes Facebook ‘like’ supporting suspended officer

By David Wildstein, May 23 2018 12:27 pm

Mountainside Borough Administrator Jim Debbie has removed a Facebook show of support for a suspended police officer who is a central figure in the Dildogate scandal.

On Monday, James Debbie, a former police chief who now runs the borough, used his personal Facebook page to “like” a post by the wife of Andrew Huber called “#HUBERSTRONG.”  Huber is the cop who allegedly harassed colleagues with a blue dildo he kept in his desk that he called “Big Blue.”

By Wednesday, Debbie’s Facebook “like” was gone.

NJ101.5 reported on Tuesday that Debbie earns $61,000-a-year as the borough administrator while drawing a $140,000-a-year pension as the retried police chief.

Chief of Police Allan Attanasio, Lt. Thomas Murphy and Huber are all under suspension as the Union County Prosecutor reviews the matter.  Lt. Joseph Giannuzzi, who has been put in charge of the 23-person police department, reports to Debbie.

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