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Christie urged to ban Bump Stocks

By David Wildstein

Ceasefire NJ is praising the New Jersey legislature for the unanimous passage of a ban on Bump Stocks, and is asking Gov. Christie to sign the bill before he leaves office.

Christie said last October that he is open to banning the device used by a mass shooter in Las Vegas.  He’s said he opposes infringing on anyone’s Second Amendment rights, but suggested that bump stocks are not guns.

“We are very pleased that partisan politics has not entered this move toward making the people of New Jersey safer from such mass shootings, said The Rev. Robert Moore, Executive Director of the Princeton-based Coalition for Peace Action, of which Ceasefire NJ is a Project.

Moore said that Christie has a chance to “set a positive bipartisan example to the US Congress, where such a Ban has to date been mired in partisan disagreement and machinations.”

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