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Aura Kenny Dunn, the district director for Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-Harding) in 2018

Cesaro and Dunn team up in Morris

By David Wildstein, April 10 2018 9:10 am

Incumbent John Cesaro and Aura Dunn, who serves as Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen’s top New Jersey staffer, will team up to for a ticket in the 2018 Republican primary for Morris County Freeholder.

Cesaro and Dunn will face another ticket led by incumbent Deborah Smith that includes former freeholder John Krickus and former Mountain Lakes Mayor Stephen Shaw.  InsiderNJ was first to report that Shaw will be the third candidate on this slate.  The original Smith-Krickus running mate, former freeholder Hank Lyon, dropped out of the race on Friday.

At one point, Shaw was expected to run with Cesaro and Dunn.

Cesaro and Dunn will run as “The Smart, Conservative Choice for Morris County,” and a statement from their campaign indicates they will tout their own educational, government and private sector experience.  The team says that Morris County is changing and that the two can “to lead that change by upholding the ideals of fiscal responsibility, equal opportunity, and individual freedom.” Cesaro and Dunn will advance a 3-Point Plan: Promote Economic Growth, Improve our Quality of Life, and Uphold Sound Fiscal Management.

“My experience in effectively negotiating multi-billion dollar appropriations and consistently resolving constituent requests has given me the necessary tools to serve the diverse needs of our Morris County residents, “ said Dunn, who has worked as a U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee staffer.  She pledges to offer a fresh perspective on the freeholder board.


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