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Bucco has “down time” while others run

By David Wildstein, February 06 2018 11:02 am

Two signs that Anthony Bucco is not running for Congress: the defection of Freeholder Heather Darling to Jay Webber; and that Bucco spent much of the weekend 225 miles away in Syracuse watching a college basketball game.

“Time for a little down time,” Bucco posted on Facebook.

Hard to imagine any down time five days after a twelve-term Republican congressman makes a surprise announcement that he’s not seeking re-election to a seat the GOP has held for 34 years.  Nailing down endorsements, raising money and securing organization lines outside lineless Morris is an all-consuming job in the now-competitive 11th district race, especially in the first week.  Webber has announced and nailed down more than fifty endorsements while the Bucco exploratory took “a little down time.”

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