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Photo by Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

5 talking points about NJ politics

By David Wildstein, June 05 2018 7:40 pm

1. New Jersey has 897,301 more Democrats than Republicans: 2,148,565 to 1,251,264. The state gained 382,166 new Democrats since November 2009, when Republican Chris Christie was elected governor.

2. 40.9% of New Jersey voters are unaffiliated with any party – outsiders call them Independents. In November 2001, when Republicans last had a governor and majorities in both houses of the Legislature, that number was 54.9%. Democrats had a 25.3%-19.5% edge in voter registration; today it’s 38.8% Democratic, 21.5% Republican.

3. New Jersey has not sent a Republican to the United States Senate since 1972. Only Hawaii (1970) has gone longer, or in other words, 48 states have sent a Republican to the United States Senate since the last time New Jersey did it. Over the last 50 years, Democrats are 17-1 in U.S. Senate races.

4. Over the last 50 years, Republicans are 7-6 in races for Governor of New Jersey. Voters have not re-elected a Democratic governor since 1977; Republicans have done it three times since then.

5. Democratic candidates have carried New Jersey in the last seven presidential elections (1992 through 2016). The state voted for a Republican president in the six elections before that.

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