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Doug Steinhardt. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe)

Steinhardt wants N.J. redistricting commission to reconvene for discussion on Wang

GOP leader calls Princeton professor a cheater, allegations reopened old wounds

By David Wildstein, April 28 2022 10:47 am

The Republican chairman of the New Jersey Congressional Redistricting Commission wants the panel to reconvene to discuss revelations that the top advisor to tiebreaker John E. Wallace, Jr. is the subject of an internal investigation at Princeton University after complaints of research misconduct and toxic workplace issues.

“According to the New Jersey Globe article, Sam Wang defrauded 9 million New Jersey residents when he rigged the redistricting process and took taxpayer money while doing it,” said Doug Steinhardt, a former New Jersey GOP State Chairman.   “Cheating is cheating and fraud is fraud and Sam Wang should not be able to hide behind the Princeton Gerrymandering Project’s nonprofit status or the ivory towers of a liberal Ivy League institution.”

In an email to Wallace and the Democratic redistricting chair, Janice Fuller, Steinhardt said that the allegations against Wang at Princeton “has reopened old wounds and shed disturbing new light on the extent of the allegations of conspiracy, fraud and misconduct of Chairman Wallace’s Congressional Redistricting ‘expert’ Sam Wang and the Princeton Gerrymander Project.”

Steinhardt told Wallace and Fuller that he has directed his general counsel to send document retention notices to people involved in New Jersey’s congressional redistricting process.

“It seems appropriate that we convene a meeting of the Commission as a whole to discuss Mr. Wang and the PGP’s misconduct and its implications on the process and the unethically and immorally derived current, Congressional Redistricting map,” he wrote.

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