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No congressional redistricting commission meeting on Monday

By David Wildstein, December 19 2021 10:39 pm

Update: the New Jersey Legislative Redistricting Commission has scheduled a public meeting for Wednesday morning, the New Jersey Office of Legislative Services announced.  But Democratic and Republican commissioners will meet privately today without tiebreaker John Wallace, a move that opens the door to a deal between the two sides that doesn’t require a 13th vote.  (12-20-21)

The New Jersey Legislative Redistricting Commission will not meet on Monday, giving tiebreaker John E. Wallace, Jr. at least one extra day to review submissions from the two parties that came late Saturday, the New Jersey Globe has confirmed.

The panel spent four days in meetings with Wallace and his staff before adjourning on Saturday evening without an agreement on a new congressional map.  The two sides have not exchanged maps with each other; only Wallace and his staff, including the Princeton Gerrymandering Project, has seen any iterations of the new map.

A former state Supreme Court Justice, Wallace was picked as the 13th member of the commission by his former top court colleagues earlier this year.  He was the choice of New Jersey Democrats and edged out the Republican candidate, former Superior Court Judge Marina Corodemus, in a vote by the full court.

The two sides spent from Wednesday to Saturday at a hotel in Cherry Hill, where Wallace met with both sides but has largely kept Democrats and Republicans apart.  He asked for a best and final map from the two parties on Saturday.

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