For Immediate Release: March 19, 2018

By NJG Press Releases, March 19 2018 10:17 am


Libertarian Party candidate for the U.S. Senate and Ramapo College finance professor Murray Sabrin announced today two appointments to his Senate Campaign including business owner and former Navy veteran Zachary McClanahan, joining the campaign team as Media Director. He will manage owned media for the Murray Sabrin for Senate Campaign, having prior experience working with companies like Google, FOX 5 NY and The Neo-Sage Group. After being honorably discharged, McClanahan graduated from Pace University, started his own business and took a role as New York State Director of Veterans for Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign.

Being disillusioned by the Sanders campaign and rigged party politics, McClanahan says he was looking for a party with real principles when he found the Libertarian movement and Murray Sabrin’s campaign. He now considers the Libertarian Party as his new home. In accepting the role of Media Director McClanahan stated: “Murray has real practical solutions to the problems in our social world, while taking a tough look at the economic situation in the US, not proposing short-term solutions. What positions Dr. Sabrin uniquely as someone who can win as the first Libertarian elected to the U.S. Senate is his empathy, that he isn’t doing this for himself, but because he has to do it. You cannot start something new in a rigged system, You need a different mindset and real values to make a fresh start, Murray and the Libertarian Party are that fresh start!”

Parsippany resident Ken Kaplan has accepted the role of Policy Coordinator. Born and raised in New Jersey, Kaplan was most recently Chair of the Northern New Jersey Libertarian Party and is a retired member of the New Jersey bar.  He will be coordinating with Sabrin to issue policy positions during the campaign. “I am honored that Dr. Sabrin asked me to take on such an important role in his campaign.  His knowledge and life experiences make him uniquely qualified to be a U.S. Senator.  I am excited at the opportunity to help him convey to the voters his innovative solutions to some of our country’s most pressing problems”

“I am thrilled that two very talented and dedicated New Jerseyans will serve in senior campaign positions,” Sabrin said.  “I am confident that they will bring our message of Peace, Liberty, Prosperity to galvanize voters across the political spectrum to the polls in November, especially among Millennials who are disenchanted with both major political parties.”

It was previously announced that Oakland resident Michael Guadagnino would head Sabrin’s campaign as Campaign Manager. He has since stepped down from that position and will serve as Senior Advisor and Anthony Devaney, the former Deputy Campaign Manager and an account executive for a major international firm, has stepped in as Campaign Manager, overseeing the campaign’s overall operations.

Sabrin will seek the Libertarian Party nomination on March 24 at the NJ Libertarian Party Convention at University Inn on the campus of Rutgers University in New Jersey. Those who want to attend the convention may register at njlp.org/convention.


Contact:  Zachary McClanahan, 917-696-5013

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