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MacArthur’s Debt Hypocrisy is Going to Cost Seniors

By NJG Press Releases, April 12 2018 5:20 pm


MacArthur’s Debt Hypocrisy is Going to Cost Seniors


Representative MacArthur talks a big game on the debt and deficits, but words are one thing, actions are another. When it comes down to it,MacArthur has been part of Washington Republicans exploding the national debt, and now his hypocrisy is threatening to cost seniors in cuts to Medicare and Social Security.


MacArthur voted for the GOP Tax Scam – a handout to millionaires and large corporations – that is going to add $1.9 trillion to the national debt.


The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office recently projected that after just over a year of unified Republican control of Washington, the annual federal budget deficit is expected to exceed $1 trillion by 2020.


Now Washington Republicans are voting to advance a plan that AARP sayscould potentially lead to deep cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits. No one should be surprised—this is what Speaker Paul Ryan promised to do when he passed the tax scam.


“Seniors have spent a lifetime paying into Social Security and Medicare and don’t deserve to have their benefits exposed to cuts just because hypocritical Washington Republicans like Representative MacArthur can’t keep their word.” – DCCC Spokesperson Evan Lukaske



For Immediate Release: April 12, 2018
CONTACT: Evan Lukaske | (516) 661-1025

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