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Gusciora Administration to Seek Reinstating Trenton Recycling Program

By NJG Press Releases, May 03 2018 1:37 pm

Mayoral Candidate, Lawmaker to Restore Jobs, Revenue Generating Program City Once Operated

 (Trenton, NJ) – Speaking Thursday afternoon, Assemblyman (D-Trenton) and Trenton Mayoral Candidate Reed Gusciora spoke about the need to reinstate the City of Trenton’s recycling program, both as a means of creating jobs, and generating significant monthly revenue for the City.

“In 1998, the City of Trenton left Mercer County’s recycling program as a means of providing additional revenues and employment opportunities for the City. The program ended in December of 2004, under questionable circumstances. Ultimately, as was ruled in 2006, the dismantling of the City of Trenton’s recycling program was politically, rather than economically or logically, motivated. Frankly, abolishing it was nonsensical – reinstating it is the only logical option for the City,” Gusciora began.

“When the City was operating the Recycling Bureau at full capacity, it employed thirty people, and generated upwards of $300,000 in revenue a year for the City,” Gusciora continued. “The most expensive equipment – the bailer, the compressor – are still sitting idle on some City-owned property. The Capital start up cost would be negligible; that revenue is real money sitting within our grasp that can be used to fund critical programs, and real jobs that can be used to support prisoner reentry, or for light-duty work for City employees.”

“My suggestion would be to use the revenues to fund a 3-1-1 Reporting Line, and associated rewards for reports of illegal dumping; thereby, the Recycling Bureau – an organization dedicated to environmentally-conscious reworking of everyday garbage – would be further contributing to the clean-up of our City,” Gusciora said. “Additional revenues can be reinvested into the expansion of the program and hiring additional Trentonians for well-paying jobs that beautify our City.”

“Importantly, too, here, is to comment on the fact that the abolishment of the Recycling Bureau in 2004 was an example of revenge politics at its worst. It was politics stepping in the way of good government. Reinstating the program reverses that absolute abuse of public trust and is exemplary of the type of Mayor I would seek to be, and Administration I would seek to run – one that is transparent, inclusive, dedicated, and innovative.”

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One thought on “Gusciora Administration to Seek Reinstating Trenton Recycling Program

  1. recycling revenue has dropped precipitously everywhere – what’s the cost? we have 13 year old equipment stored somewhere is a significantly uninformed thing to say – what are you going to do?

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