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President Donald Trump. Photo courtesy of The White House

Trump was not himself at Bedminster fundraiser, attendee says

Donor says president ‘couldn’t wait to get out’

By David Wildstein, October 02 2020 9:48 am

An attendee at Donald Trump’s high-dollar fundraiser in Bedminster on Thursday told the New Jersey Globe that the president did not look well when they saw him, just a few hours before he tested positive for COVID-19.

“He burned out of there right after he spoke,” said the attendee, who asked not to be identified.  “It was very unusual.  Usually he stays around.  He likes to kibbitz with everyone.  It was like he couldn’t wait to get out.  He was on the helicopter right away.  It was wheels up in ten minutes.”

A total of seven attendees at the event spoke with the Globe about the fundraiser, but none were in close contact with Trump.

All attendees tested negative for COVID-19 in advance of the event, which was held entirely outdoors – except for a $250,000-per-person roundtable and photo op that had about sixteen attendees.

“Even that was different.  People waiting for a photo were kept socially distant while they were waiting,” the attendee told the Globe.  “That was unusual.”

New Jersey radio personality Joe Piscopo was among the attendees, as well as Trump’s impeachment counsel, Jay Sekulow.

Three additional attendees told the Globe that they would get tested today, but had no plans to quarantine until they see the results of the test.

A second donor said Trump took some questions from attendees.

Cell phones and cameras were not permitted at the event, the second donor said.

Complicating matters for the Trump National Golf Club is that today is the Gentlemen’s Invitational, the club’s largest golf tournament of the year.  Over 180 golfers are expected to participate, including several individuals who were with the president last night.

Mickie Gallagher III, the Trump National golf pro, was among those in closest proximity to the president on Thursday, as well as Trump National general manager David Schutzenhofer.

The Trump donor said that there was talk of cancelling the fundraiser on Tuesday, but word went out the following day that the event was on.

This story was updated at 12:50 PM to reflect that the New Jersey Globe has spoken with seven attendees at the fundraiser.

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