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Assemblyman Jay Webber. (Photo by Nikita Biryukov)

Webber: Hundreds of thousands from Trump fundraiser

By Nikita Biryukov, October 26 2018 9:01 pm

Assemblyman Jay Webber said his fundraiser with President Donald Trump on Thursday netted the former’s campaign hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“I couldn’t even tell you. It was very productive, but I don’t know what the total was,” Webber said. Then, when asked to give a ballpark figure: “Hundreds of thousands.”

With 11 days left and his opponent’s war chest comparatively lush, Webber’s tight race with Mikie Sherrill might hinge on that cash.

Sherrill reported having $1.7 million in the bank in her pre-election filing. Her total raised to date was a meaty $7.6 million.

Webber, on the other hand, reported having about $114,000 on Oct. 17, but that was before his high-profile fundraiser with the president.

And, cash aside, rubbing shoulders with the hero of the Republican base in one of the state’s few districts where Trump has a positive approval rating certainly won’t hurt.

“I got to tell you, the president wants to win in the 11th congressional district,” Webber told Sussex County Republicans Friday. “He has told me that. He said, ‘We want to win that seat.’ You’ve seen him tweet about it, he’ll tweet about it some more. It’s an important seat.”

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One thought on “Webber: Hundreds of thousands from Trump fundraiser

  1. Haven’t seen one photo of Webber and Trump together. Guess he’s afraid to publicize the fact he’s nothing but a Trump stooge and a total fraud.

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