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U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Sanders wins Union Township Democratic straw vote

Cryan-sponsored open vote attracts 180 Union County Democrats

By David Wildstein, February 24 2020 9:43 pm

Bernie Sanders won a Union Township Democratic straw poll, outdistancing second place finisher Mike Bloomberg by a 60 to 33 vote.

Joe Biden finished third with 30 votes, followed by Peter Buttigieg with 27 and Elizabeth Warren with 21.

Amy Klobuchar finished sixth win 9 votes. Tom Steyer received no votes.

The straw poll was sponsored by State Sen. Joseph Cryan, the Union Township Democratic chairman.

Attendance – and the vote – was  open to registered Democrats and unaffiliated voters from anywhere in Union County.

Among voters from Union Township, Sanders won 33 to 22 over Bloomberg, with 19 for Biden, 16 for Buttigieg, 8 for Warren, and  4 for Klobuchar.

In the rest of Union County, Sanders led Warren, 27 to 13.  Bloomberg, Biden and Buttigieg all received 11 votes, with 5 for Klobuchar.

A candidate forum was moderated by Union Democratic Club president Nadege Ricketts.

Former Governor Richard Codey represented Biden.

State Sen. Joe Cryan, right, with surrogates for Democratic presidential candidates at a straw vote in Union Township he sponsored on February 24, 2020.



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