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Booker White House opponents raised $3.2 million in New Jersey in 2019

New Jerseyans contributed $6.6 million to Democratic presidential candidates last year

By David Wildstein, February 10 2020 6:54 pm

Cory Booker had his home state locked up before dropping out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination on January 13, but his rivals still raised nearly $3.2 million from New Jersey donors in 2019.

Booker raised $3,436,234 from New Jersey last year.

The amount raised by Democratic presidential candidates from New Jersey contributors in 2019 – more than $6.6 million – eclipsed the $896,119 that President Donald Trump brought in from New Jerseyans.

The leading fundraiser from New Jersey was Pete Buttigieg, who brought in $519,373 from Garden State donors.

Bernie Sanders raised $464,405 in New Jersey, while Joe Biden’s haul was $463,138.   Biden had 70 donors who wrote $2,800 checks.

Elizabeth Warren brought in $410,379.

Before her own exit from the race, Kamala Harris raised $291,247 from New Jersey.

Amy Klobuchar took in $170,222, much of it from the family and associates of Ziggy Wolf, the New Jersey-based owner of the Minnesota Viking.

The rest of New Jersey’s presidential dollars: Andrew Yang ($149,198); Tulsi Gabbard ($101,912); Bill de Blasio ($82,025); Kirstin Gillibrand ($75,795); Marianne Williamson ($55,272); Beto O’Rourke ($59,610); Michael Bennet ($59,323);  Steve Bullock ($52,964); John Delaney ($48,905); Jay Inslee ($23,288); Seth Moulton ($18,339); Tim Ryan ($13,930); Julian Castro ($13,573); Deval Patrick ($10,406); Tom Steyer ($9,087); John Hickenlooper ($8,050), and Eric Swalwell ($2,904).

Mike Bloomberg, who is self-financing his campaign, did not raise any money in New Jersey. Neither did Mike Gravel or Wayne Messam.

Trump’s primary opponents have not raised much in New Jersey.

Bill Weld brought in $10,060, Joe Walsh took in $1,867, and Mark Sanford raised just $250.

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