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PreJoe Biden. Photo by Gage Skidmore

Biden launches Jersey Lawyers for Joe

83 N.J. attorneys, including former U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman, on Biden legal team

By David Wildstein, April 27 2020 11:16 am

In what could be a long list of potential candidates for federal judgeships or the next U.S. Attorney if Joe Biden wins the presidency, 83 New Jersey attorneys have signed on as the founding members of Jersey Lawyers for Joe.

The list includes former U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman, eight former presidents of the New Jersey State Bar Association, and some of the state’s most politically prominent lawyers.

“Together, we are a group of diverse lawyers from all corners of the Bar, motivated to support Vice President Biden in his run to become the next President of the United States—and restore the rule of law,” said former  New Jersey State Bar Association president John Keefe. Beyond voter protection and election administration, the group will be dedicated to fundraising and other policy initiatives driven by the national Lawyers for Biden team, including vetting, corporate due diligence, and legal research.

The team was assembled by Rob Garrison, Marilyn Davis, Michael DuPont and Guillermo Artiles, the leaders of Biden’s New Jersey campaign operation, and plans to build an organization of lawyers in each county to plan for a possible general election that is conducted entirely through vote-by-mail ballots.

The Jersey Lawyers for Joe group includes former Assembly Majority Executive Director Bill Caruso, State Sen. Joseph Lagana (D-Paramus), Assembly Majority Conference Leader Annette Quijano (D-Elizabeth), Metuchen Mayor Jonathan Busch, Democratic State Committee counsel Raj Parikh, former Jersey City Corporation Counsels Bill Matsikoudis and  Jeremy Farrell, Hunterdon Democratic County Chair Arlene Quinones Perez, lobbyist Eric Shuffler, and power lawyers Joseph DeCotiis, Angelo Genova, Joe Hayden, Victor Herlinsky, Bill Tambussi and Elnardo Webster.

List of Jersey Lawyers for Joe:

Adil Ahmed
Christine Amalfe
Mike Armstrong
Guillermo Artiles
Michael Baker
Carlos Bollar
Pernell Brice III
Jonathan Busch
Bill Caruso
Jim Cecchi
Peter Chamas
Joseph Champagne
Jack Chan
Carolyn Chang
Eshan Chowdhry
Melinda Colon Cox
Primitivo Cruz
Tom Curtin
Joseph DeCotiis
Joseph DeCotiis
Roosevelt Donat
Brian Drazin
Michael DuPont
Jeremy Farrell
Paul Fishman
Rob Garrison
Angelo Genova
Francis J. Giantomasi
Francis M. Giantomasi
Andrew Gimigliano
Jose Gonzalez
Ayesha Hamilton
Lauren Handler
Joe Hayden
Victor Herlinsky
Robert Hille
Tracey Hinson
Gary Hoagland
Craig Hubert
Everett Johnson
Sarah Jones
Paul Josephson
John Keefe
Scott Kobler
Lenny Kurzweil
Joseph Lagana
Ralph Lamparello
Julia Lopez
Kimberly MacKay
William Matsikoudis
David A. Mazie
Bernadette McPherson
Kenneth McPherson III
Carlos Medina
Brian Molloy
Fruqan Mouzon
Mark Natale
Lynne Newsome
Derek Orth
Evelyn Padin
Raj Parikh
Arlene Q. Perez
Mike Perrucci
Chris Placitella
Thomas Prol
Annette Quijano
Jason Redd
Ramon Rivera
Richard Schkolnick
Chip Sgro
Eric Shuffler
Ricardo Solano
Christine Soto
Ryan Spain
Barry Szaferman
William Tambussi
Bill Tambussi
Glennon Troublefield
Chaz (Charles) Uliano
Karol Corbin Walker
Asma Warsi
Elnardo Webster
David Wikstrom
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