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Stockton finds 56% of New Jerseyans O.K. with dispensaries in their towns

2020 referendum to legalize weed passed by a larger 67-33% margin

By Joey Fox, April 21 2022 11:22 am

With sales of recreational marijuana beginning today, a Stockton University poll finds that 56% of New Jerseyans would support recreational marijuana dispensaries setting up shop in their towns; 36% of respondents said they were opposed, and 8% were unsure.

A slightly lower percentage of respondents, 50%, said they wanted the state’s hospitality and tourism industry to promote weed sales and create marijuana-related attractions.

In 2020, the state’s voters overwhelmingly backed weed legalization 67-33%, with only one town, tiny Walpack in Sussex County, voting in opposition. But the softer support for local dispensaries in today’s poll indicates that some voters may have backed legalization in theory while being more skeptical of recreational weed coming to their neighborhoods.

Since that initial vote, the road to recreational sales has been a rocky one; the legislature engaged in two months of intense negotiations in early 2021 about how to proceed, and the state Cannabis Regulatory Commission repeatedly delayed the start of sales before finally approving seven recreational licenses earlier this month.

A number of local officials have also worked to slow down the process in their towns, even when those towns voted for legalization in a landslide. 

Today’s Stockton poll found that 27% of respondents considered such delays unacceptable, while 22% said they were reasonable and 50% had no opinion.

The Stockton University poll was conducted from April 4-13 with a sample size of 640 New Jersey adults and a margin of error of +/- 3.8%.

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