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New Jersey CannaBusiness Association President Scott Rudder.

Cannabis industry group partners with Stockton

By Nikita Biryukov, December 12 2018 4:33 pm

The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association on Wednesday announced a partnership with Stockton University’s Cannabis studies program.

“New Jersey is on the cusp of legalization, and as we get closer to that day, it is important that we prepare young people on how to be successful and involved in this rapidly evolving industry,” said NJCBA President Scott Rudder. “Stockton University should be praised for its forward thinking and preparedness. We are excited to be collaborating with Stockton and we look forward to bringing industry subject matter experts to the classroom. I hope other colleges and universities will learn from this example.”

The industry group plans to provide guest lecturers and job pathways for students in the university’s program. Those additions will begin in Spring of 2019.

It’s not clear the state will have legalized marijuana by that point, as lawmakers in Trenton have shifted their attention away from the issue in favor of a $15 minimum wage bill.

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